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[ref id: 260] Topic: Comets - a prob to explore early solar nebula

Speaker: Prof. U. C. Joshi
Affiliation: Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad
Date (yyyy-mm-dd): 2017-05-25
Time: 15:30hr
Venue: ARIES, Auditorium

Abstract: Cometary bodies are located in the farthest region of the solar system, hence least weathered and thus possess pristine material. At some instance these bodies are deected toward the inner region of solar system and make glorious appearance in the sky. Cometary material is mixture of dust and ices and the physical conditions and chemical composition of early solar nebula in imprinted on it. On approaching closer to the Sun ices get sublimated and ejected out of the nucleus forming coma. Remote observations from ground based observatories allow us to study the constituents of the coma. Study of cometary dust and gas is of great importance to investigate physical conditions and chemical make up that existed in the beginning of the formation of solar system. The talk will cover a brief introduction and importance of comets and some of the recent results will be discussed.

About Speaker: Visiting Professor